Summer Plants in Trays A-Z

We are delighted to be able to offer our premium and best selling bedding plants supplied in trays in three different formats, guaranteed to have something suitable for gardeners of all skill level and gardens of all sizes. Available to order are three different plug sizes, all supplied in robust and specially designed trays and boxes to be certain they arrive to you as fresh as they left the nursery. Rapid Plug plants are great value smaller plugs (4-7cm in height) that be potted on for a few weeks on arrival. Maxi plug plants have larger roots systems than Rapid plugs and only require a little potting on before final planting, with each plug approx 6-9cm in height. New for this year is our Garden Ready plug plants which are our largest and most developed plugs (10-15cm in height) and ready to plant on arrival directly into their final location.